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All Membranes at Risk from Ultraviolet Rays

Damaging effects of UV rays on air and moisture membranes that are exposed during construction. Air and moisture membranes are widely used in construction to keep buildings water-tight. They are applied to the roof and walls to keep the elements out during the construction process, and after being roofed and walled over, they continue to […]

Damaging Effects of UV Exposure on Air and Moisture Membranes

In many commercial construction projects the ordinary practice is to protect the work site by installing air and moisture protection membranes early. This practice does not account for damaging effects of ultra-violet (UV) rays on the membranes that are left exposed during construction. Standard building envelope membranes are fabricated out of synthetic polymers which are often not UV stabilized. Spray […]

House Wrap Problems

House wrap is one of the most common moisture barriers put on new houses and buildings. The concept is pretty simple, actually; once the basic structure is in place workers put wrap around it as a way to protect the home from unwanted air and moisture. The wrap is attached to the sheathing using staples, […]

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