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High-Performance Buildings: DELTA®-STRATUS SA

September 21st, 2020 // Above Grade

DELTA®-STRATUS SA protects against air and water, and offers superior UV protection. Dörken’s Technical Service Manager Krzysztof Apriasz shares some of the benefits of this innovative product.

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Open-joint Cladding Lookbook

August 30th, 2020 // Above Grade

The DELTA® Open-joint Cladding Lookbook features some of the most beautiful open-joint cladding designs. Get inspired by these open-joint projects.

High-Performance Buildings: DELTA®-VENT SA

August 25th, 2020 // Building Science Deconstructed

Dörken’s Technical Service Manager Krzysztof Apriasz highlights DELTA®-VENT SA, and explains what makes this vapor permeable air- and water-resistive barrier unique and superior for above-grade builds.

High-Performance Buildings: DELTA®-VENT S

August 24th, 2020

Protect your building from air and moisture with this vapor permeable barrier. Dörken’s Technical Service Manager explains the features of DELTA®-VENT S and the best components to use to ensure optimal air tightness.

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Continuing Education Courses

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Moisture-Control Fundamentals

The threat of the damaging effects of moisture in building enclosures can be compounded if all the materials in the wall assembly are not compatible. This course equips today’s building professional with the knowledge to choose the right materials to control enclosure moisture.

Thermal-Control Fundamentals

Thermal control is critical in achieving optimal energy-efficiency and avoiding condensation in the building enclosure. This course focuses on the modern building science principles needed to build for today’s environment and occupant demands.

Air-Control Fundamentals

Controlling air infiltration and exfiltration is paramount in achieving energy-efficient buildings. This course examines what is required to achieve air tightness in buildings and outlines how to detail air barrier systems.

Exterior Air-Barrier Systems

Environmental elements like extreme temperatures, UV rays and wind-driven rain must always be considered when selecting exterior building materials. This presentation will help you understand changing codes and standards, why air tightness is important for commercial buildings, and how to detail exterior air barrier systems.

Exterior Continuous Insulation

R-values are becoming a thing of the past when it comes to modern, high performance commercial buildings. For most buildings, continuous exterior insulation will be the new normal. This presentation will help you understand thermal control fundamentals, changing codes and standards, and how to detail enclosures with continuous exterior insulation.